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MCSS® OCP MultiCam® FR Flame Resistant Army Combat Uniform Trouser

 Armed Forces MCSS™ - Permethrin Treatment and Flame-Resistant MultiCam™ 
Army Combat Uniforms for Deploying Soldiers

*** U.S. Army Approved *** U.S. Army Approved *** U.S. Army Approved *** *** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ****** U.S. Army Approved ***

Constructed with Defender™ M, a new flame-resistant fabric, used by both the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. Engineered with patented technology, it provides exceptional protection from flame and heat; while maintaining comfort and durability.

Protection - Self extinguishes and will not melt or drip.
Comfort - Lightweight, breathable Lenzing FR® absorbs and evaporates perspiration faster, keeping you cooler.
Durability - Excellent resistance to wear, tear, and fading.

65% Lenzing FR® Rayon/ 25% Para-Aramid/ 10% Nylon
• Sewn to Military Specification FQ / PD 04-05A 50/50 NYCO
• Long Cuff with Front Closure Tie
• Forward-Tilted Cargo Pockets
• Button Fly Zwith Drawstring
Near Infrared (NIR) Compliant
• Vat-Dyed for Fade, Shrink and Wrinkle Resistance
• Meets & Exceeds ASTM D 6413-99 Flame Resistance Standards, even after 25 washings.


Near Infrared (NIR) Signature Management Technology is used by the U.S. Department of Defense to prevent detection by NIR Image Converters. These photocathode devices do not detect temperatures, but rather infrared radiation variances. NIR-compliant uniforms use a special fabric that allows soldiers to appear at the same radiation level as the surrounding terrain, thus making them more difficult to detect.

NOTE: FR (Flame Resistant) garments or materials can not be released without proper authentication.
To purchase FR materials or garments, one of the following must be furnished :
1. Copy of Military I.D.
2. Verifiable .mil or .gov email address.
3. Rank and Branch of Service.
Weight:2.00 lbs
Price:$ 199.99
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Army Combat Uniform trouser constructed to military specification GL/PD 07-14  with Defender™ M, a flame-resistant, combat fabric used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. Exceeds ASTM D 6413-99 flame resistance standards. This ACU coat self-extinguish

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